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100% bioGlitter.
100% f*cking fun.

Glitoris makes people look and feel amazing at Australian festivals and
events. We provide glitter, hair, makeup and beauty services.

Our bioglitter is compostable, cruelty free, vegan and
sustainably sourced.  Like our shit? Shop our glit.


What we do

Okay okay. So yes we can glitter the sh*t out of beard or butt… But did you know we also can also braid a mane, curate a space or fix a face? #MUAstyle


The Glit gang

The enthusiasm of the Glit Gang is undeniable. We love nothing more than transforming normies into glittery party people.



With teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Tassie The Glit Gang travels far and wide. Find out which kick arse festivals and events Glitoris is heading to this summer.


an inclusive space

From shipping containers, 3x3 marquees to bell tents, we love nothing more than crafting a delicious new layout for an event. But don’t take our word for it.


Do something different for your next event.

20,000 patron festivals, VIP spaces, activations, parties and hens dos... Glitoris has you covered.


why bioglitter?

Dedicated to change.

At Glitoris, we welcome a future where single use plastics are no longer needed. Our product is 100% compostable, cruelty free and vegan.