Screenshot it: 8 Festival Makeup Looks For 2022 - inspired by Coachella.

Screenshot it: 8 Festival Makeup Looks For 2022 - inspired by Coachella.

If there’s one theme for this year's festival makeup it is… fierceness. 

After a two year hiatus (thanks COVID 😒), festivals are BACK baby. There are not enough excited emojis in our repertoire 👯🤟🎉🤩 💗🥂🦄🙌✨🎊 🕺. After bottling up all our pizzazz and our special sauce only to debut on the Zoom screen 🎥… Now is the time to unleash 🐯 your makeup artistry creativity 💅.

If Coachella is anything to go off, this next season in festival fashion and beauty is going to be OFF 👏 THE 👏 CHARTS 👏. Get ready, bitches. 

More and more, we are seeing looks that are a sharp contrast with the sad reality of these fucking awful pandemic times. (It makes sense really because we have a rich history in this.) Bold eyeliners, pops of colour, glitter, diamantés... actually, ANYTHING stuck to your face. 

At Glitoris we lurrrrrveee the extra 🦄 and those pushing such an agenda in creative ways. Thank goodness the latest beauty trends of the season scream large and in charge! #FuckingFinally

But alas, perhaps you forgot how to fab? 🙉 And now you are scouring the web and searching 🔎 for inspo. What better way than to take a peek at 8 Coachella inspired festival makeup looks created by your favourite glitter crumpany… cough it’s us, Glitoris!

#1. Natural babe with a side of RHINESTONES.

Image: Another two happy customers (AKA natural beauties) at the Glitoris tent. 

This year is all about the POP of colour. Choosing 1 or 2 pieces of your makeup to scream to the gods 😱 "I am FAB". A dot of diamontes along the corner of eye. A peel away full-face design. A round up of rhinestones. Up to you. P.s.💞 Pink💞 eyeshadows are also back with a vengeance this season. We LOVE. 💖

#2. Bold eyeliners cutting shapes. 

Image: You for You glam photoshoot featuring Glitoris handy work sky high... And on fire 🔥. Makeup by Dylan Blue.

Gasp. 😮‍💨 If you don't have any coloured eyeliners on the ready, you can create some pretty awesome looks with just a fine black felt tip eyeliner. Flames 🔥 are our fav. #ThatsHot (Spoken like the one and only Paris Hilton.)

#3. Pastel pigment pops. 


Image: Bo$$ biach Grace on-route to Mona with literally every colour possible.

YAASSSSSSSS. We love a full on pastel princess pigment look. Lucky enough for us, ambient pastels are back. Coloured brows. Futuristic faces. Faded ambient hues. Baby anything lips. Forget a cut crease, this is about the flow of the design. Team with a white eyeliner on your waterline to make  your eyes glit-er-ly shine ✨. 

#4. Faux freckles of the glit variety. 

Image: Surprise! Not real freckles at all on our gal Annika

FORGET penciling on freckles that looks like "real" freckles, today is about the fairy-faux-freckles 🧚‍♂‍😇. What better way than with our very own iridescent Pink Surprise glitter mix. Want tips to on flawless and fresh AF glitter? Check our tips and tricks

#5. Embellished eyes 👀. 


Image: Teeny tiny gems blinging up a stormmore looks here.

If you haven't picked it up by now, 2022 is the year of the gem 💎. 2022 loves gems 💎. Pearls, diamontes and rhinestones! Give meeeee 🤌! On your eyes, on your cheeks, eyebrows, ears, on your lips 💋 or as freckles—there’s no wrong way to use them. Want to look like a human disco ball? Go for it. Or maybe just start with embellished eyes 👀. Do so by placing fine gems around the outside and across your cheeks. 

#6. Softer ambient glitter looks. 

Image: Some glit gang bohemian babes being beauuuutiffful.

This one has been around a little while, particularly on the Coachella scene but it's back, back, BACK AGAIN. With more neutral tones, silver and 💫 gold glitters  and simple bohemian 🙏 styled diamontes and white paint. Need some silver glit? Look no further than our beautiful Everlasting Daisy silver glitter mix. Also check this chest design. OOPH. 💣

#7. Full on florals. 

Image: Blink and you will miss it, looks from Glit Glit Bloom.

This year is bringing the rise of gluing of many, many things to our faces. Including flowers. (We created an entire range 🌸 Glit Glit Bloom 🌸 inspired by native Australian flowers because of this.)

It is also not limited to flowers, it is Including anything not tied down. Our personal fave is those googley eyes. (We have an 8-year old tradition of creating looks out of them and would love this ridiculous look to go large.) 


Image: The OG-Glitoris-glue-anything-to-ya-face-look. Blessed be the Googley eye 🙏 .

#8. Mixed medium OTT faces. 


Image: Micah being a doof kitty in "all de tings."

Perhaps nudging north towards the Nevada desert #BurningMan, this look blends pretty much all the festival trends 📈 we are likely to see in 2022. But that's the thing, more and more avant-garde looks are creeping 👣 their way into the everyday. Diamonte designs with painted lines, punch in the face 👊 colour and super BOLD glitter. If you like the glits look no further! Go to Golden Penda and 💥 Banging Banksia has got you.  


... And finally a bonus for anyone wondering wtf to do with your hair.

#9. Baby braids + space buns are back!


Did they ever really go OUT though? The difference now is that tiny wee braids are back. YAY. We get to hair and have braids. 

And that's it. We can't wait to see what you creative mofos create now.  

Article written by Grace Richards who spends her days wishing she was at Coachella.