Glitter Makeup Station at a Birthday Party

Whether it's your 1st birthday 🎂 or your 100th (🕯️ x 💯)... A love for glitter never really dies. Like the icing on a birthday cake (mmmmm cake 😋), glitter is the topping that turns a party from ‘blah’ to ‘bloody beautiful, moite!’ Sweet 16s, dirty 30s, 80th celebrations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, baby showers 👶🚿 and everything in between - Glitoris does it all. 

"It's my birthday and I'll get glitta ✨ if I wanna. If I wannnaa."

For real though, nothing screams “birthday babe” more than a head-to-toe glitter makeover. #IWillHaveAFullBodyOfGlitterPloise #HoldTheBoring. Because really, if you can’t go all out on your birthday, then when the frick can you?! 👊

Turn your party from "BLAH" 😒 to "BLOODY BEAUTIFUL 🤩 MATE!"

Our birthday services are designed to BRING the par-TAY 🎉. And bring the party we shall. Whether you are after an intimate sophisticated experience (yes glitter can be smancy 😎 ) or an absolute rager 🖤👽✨🍭… Glitoris has the goodies. Birthday party glitter bars, glam carts, pre-party makeovers and head-to-toe body painting. 

Singing “We like to party. We like, we like to party. We like to party. We like, we like to party. The glitter bus is comin’ and everybody’s jumpin’. Melbourne to Sydney city! An interstate free disco!”

Woman Having Glitter Makeup Applied at a Party

Parties are about the people.

And we have handpicked 🤏 ours. For your party a qualified and skilled glitter artist (or two) who has done their mandatory 10,000 hours will be your guide. Don’t worry boo we have got you. You are in our safe, slightly sparkly hands 👋. 

Your artists will provide each party person with a unique lewk using biodegradable glitter, conscious cosmetics, environmentally friendly paints, pigments, face/body gems and cosmetic adhesives. 

Beard Glitter Application at Party

Memorable makeovers for ya guests. 

Let our team give you and your friends memorable makeovers. Makeovers that make you look as good as you feel. Makeovers that enable you to tap into childlike fun. 

Post makeover, there will be plenty of time for photo opps. But right now it's your time to have a BLAST 🥂 💖 💫. #PartyOnGarth #PartyOnWayne

And… well let’s be honest the photos 📸  will most definitely rake in the likes on Insta (if that's your thing). Either way, a super nice way to remember all the crazy fun you had with your besties 👯‍♀️.

Friends with Glitter Makeup at a Party

A "typical" party package. 

This package is about keeping it simple, babes. It’s about receiving the best makeovers available. No unnecessary frills, just bloody good service. Using our extensive range of biodegradable glitters, environmentally friendly paints, pigments and gems we will turn your gorgeous pals into glittery gods and goddesses. 

  • A talented glitter artist ‘Glitoriser’ who provides glitter makeovers to all your guests.
  • An extensive range of our biodegradable glitters, including our most popular colours and blends.
  • Conscious cosmetics, environmentally friendly pigments, diamanté gems and face paints.
  • Cosmetic adhesives, balms and glues (latex-free and vegan glues available).
  • Handheld mirrors, brushes, sponges, microfibre cloths and biodegradable wet wipes.
  • Table decoration including sequin fabric and neon sign.
  • Package includes artist’s travel costs to locations within 1 hour of metro areas.
  • Package includes set up time and pack down time.

Optional extras

  • Polaroid photoshoot: Your mission, should you choose to accept it… Capture the magical afternoon in 24 snaps. We provide the polaroid camera, photographer, all photos and a photo album of memories. 
  • Dress-ups or costuming: We provide dress-ups and costumes for the party to align with your theme. Think sequins. Think fun. Think fab-u-lous!
  • Installation design: We can bring existing decor or furniture or create a customised design to add to your party’s vibe. 


Party pricing starts at $520 for two hours with one artist. 

A keen bean?

Turn your birthday from BLAH to bloody beautiful moiteeeee. Contact us to receive a tailored quote for your legendary part-TAY.

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