Karen from accounting wants to get her glittery ✨ groove 🕺🏿 on.. and well.. so do you. And so you shall! Glitter bars, pamper stations or glow ups for private EOY office parties, galas, award nights, conferences, biz birthdays, new office opens, corporate get aways, and fundraising events, Glitoris’ “corporate” services can be scaled up 👆 or down 👇 to suit your needs. Working with your values and brand aesthetics, we will quite literally make your org shine 🌟.  


Profesh glitter for all biz occasions.

Perhaps you want to treat your hard working team with an end-of-year glitter party 🎁? Or a very sparkly glitter bar for the Christmas party🎄? Or maybe you are looking to engage your customers by providing a makeover experience to remember 💭. 

We have a range of services that we offer to corporate entities and community organisations including glitter bar ✨, glam stations 💅, mobile hairstyling salon 💇, braid bars and roaming/performing visual artists.

Every package includes our event kit packed to the brim with biodegradable glitter, conscious cosmetics, environmentally friendly paints, pigments, face/body gems and cosmetic adhesives. 

Delight your party people + get them talking 🦜. 

What better way to get everyone in a great old mood than having them cover head to toe in colour - glitter, paint and conscious cosmetics. 

In what we do, we see (and hear) the beautiful things; groups of people picking out colours together, besties and strangers telling each other they look great, and the resounding calls of SLAAY or YAAAS KWEEN whenever someone is ready to step out in all their finery. Get your peeps talking with experiences to remember. 

Corporate glitter bar, glam cart or body paint station ready to go in 1,2,3. 

We can BYO a full mobile beauty bar, decorations, furniture and kit to suit your event OR we can simply rock up with our lewks kit and use your venue's furniture. A beauty bar ready to go at the drop of the hat. ;) 

With bookings starting at two hours with two experienced artists we have a range of packages to suit your requirements and budget.

What do Shell, Hello Fresh and Culture Amp have in common???

Glitoris has helped them party. From corporate glitter bars to beauty set ups in tee pees, shipping containers, a vintage van, closet, a boat, a zoo and a mirror maze… Glitoris has worked with to design and bring to life unique and engaging experiences for leading brands. 

The Glitoris difference.

  • 10,000+ hours of experience: Over the better part of a decade we have too many hours of experience making party people look AH-MAZING to count. We get it, you are looking for a partner with robust beauty, glitter, makeup and hair styling experience so you can sit back and relax. #Don’tMindIfWeDo
  • Talented, skilled and trained artists: Yep not just any Tom, Dick, Harry or bestie to the co-owner has been roped into work for Glitoris. (Although we are quite close.) We carefully select the highest calibre hunnies, makeup artists, face painters, hairdressers and creatives in their own right. We offer training. Meet the Glit Gang.
  • Sustainability + environmentally friendly full time: We don’t believe in protecting the planet part time. We don’t use biodegradable and conscious cosmetics half the time and whip out the plastic sh*t the other half the time. For us sustainability practices are engrained. A full time and ongoing job. 
  • Values based: Speaking of which we are values based biz. Things like love people, love ya self, challenge everything, redefine beauty and go beyond marketing guide us in everything we do.
  • We understand what is cool and what definitely NOT cool. #ForExampleTheWordCool. But like we ain’t gonna give you or you guests some lame, half arsed makeover that looks sh*t. Glitter can look crap. We pride ourselves on each and every makeover being something we would want to wear. And something pretty unique. *Cough* “cool.”

Chat with a real person.

Learn how Glitoris can quite literally make your organisation shine. Let us design a custom experience for your next event.

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