Glitter Station at Wedding

Glitter is the great equaliser. A talking point. A sparkly bit of fun that guests can laugh 😹 over. And in our opinion, anything that gets your granny 👵, your boss 👨‍💼, your six-year-old 👶 niece and your better half’s college pal finding common ground 🤝, makes for a great wedding 💍 atmosphere. #GlitorisWeddings. 

Glitter Wedding Look

Do something a bit different for your wedding 👰🏽🤵🏻. 

Tradish wedding not for you? Wanting something a lil bit extra 🌈? Extra yourself 🦄? We feel ya. Be the sparkliest ✨, sexiest 🌶️  and sassiest 😏 bride anyones ever seen with Glitoris on your special day. We have a range of services and packages to suit you, your requirements and budget 💰. 

Glitoris Glitter Makeup Station

Cohesive, playful 🎊 + fun weddings.

Girl, we have been around the traps and here is one thing we know for certain. Glitter creates cohesion. We know you are worried about the awkwardness of unfamiliar guests stuck to the walls of your wedding reception. To be honest it doesn’t have to be like that. 

Instead encourage your guests to meet each other, interact and play, with a wedding glitter bar. Create moments of the Groom's Dad in diamontes, your third cousin twice removed adoring glittery hearts on his noggin and your BFF’s giggling head-to-toe in glitter. 

Create lasting memories. Capture them by teaming with a fun photo booth.

Glitter Makeup Wedding Party

Going to the chapel 💒 and I am gonna get glitterrreddd.

Same-sex and pride themed glitter weddings? Dabbling in some disco 🕺 era? Super elegant garden 🏡 party? Hell even a doof 🎶 inspired wedding. No matter what your theme and vision for your special day, Glitoris can design services and theme to match your wedding vibe.

Every package includes our glitter bar and conscious cosmetics event kit packed to the brim with biodegradable glitter, cosmetics, environmentally friendly paints, pigments, face/body gems and cosmetic adhesives. 

A qualified glitter artist (10,000 hours anyone?) will be your guide. This ‘Glitoriser’ will provide each guest with a unique glitter makeover. 

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