The people have spoken. They are NOT buying any outdated advertising tactics 📉 of yesteryear. Instead peeps of today are demanding authentic interactions🤝. Choosing only to engage with those who create valuable 🏖️ and memorable experiences🤘. And well, bringing to life REAL experiences is what Glitoris does best. So let’s co-create something awesome?

“Experiences” over everything. The new brand currency 💸.

Some fun facts for ya. People usually remember... 

  • 10% of what they read 📚.
  • 20% of what they hear👂.
  • 30% of what they see 👀.
  • 90% of what they do 👯‍♀️. 

So it is not surprising that “experiences” are the new brand currency 🤑. #Cha-ching. With many audiences today less receptive and more sceptical than ever to traditional advertising 🗣️. Traditional marketing has its place, but geez would you rather look at some glitter… OR wear it 😉?

Customers get those REAL feels.

At Glitoris we believe in REAL people with REAL cosmetics to create REAL connections. 

And TBH there is nothing more personal, more intimate than getting your face glittered by a total stranger… except, of course, getting your bum 🍑 glittered by a total stranger.

So let us act on behalf of your brand to create a unique experience that engages your custies, evokes delight, a nostalgic response and encourages these peeps to shout your brand praise from the mountaintops ⛰️. 

Create memorable experiences… And shareable content. 

What we do is highly visual, a glittery glam face 💄, beard 🧔🏽 (we call these a “blitter”), disco boobs 🍒, or simply a head to toe experience. We dare your party people to resist the urge not to share 🤳 their unique look online. ;) 

By nature what we do sees a whole lot of “user generated content” created. The reach of this extends far beyond your activation into the party person's network 🌐 of friends, family, colleagues and that rando they met at that dodgy Bangkok hostel in their gap year in 2005. You get instant and timely exposure/feedback. #Bonus.

Everyone can feel like one of the cool 😎 kids.

Although it’s true that glitter, festival beauty services and indeed Glitoris are so ridiculously on trend we surprise even ourselves… We see Glitoris as an antidote to the designer addiction and hyper-self-awareness of millennial festival-goers. With Glitoris, anyone can feel like one of the cool kids. That’s the power of what we do.

“Glitoris” is simply not just a stall or a place to buy things. It is an experience. A haven. A place for adults to play 🤹. A place to chill💆. To connect 👐. To laugh 😹. To smile 😍. To create 🎨. 

In the experiences Glitoris designs everyone is included and everyone is celebrated. And isn’t that what it's all about? Coming together 👯‍♀️… And the darn good part-TAY🥳 🎉. Of course. ;) 

The Glitoris difference.

  • 10,000+ hours of experience: Over the better part of a decade we have too many hours of experience making party people look AH-MAZING to count. We get it, you are looking for a partner with robust beauty, glitter, makeup and hair styling experience so you can sit back and relax. #Don’tMindIfWeDo
  • Talented, skilled and trained artists: Yep not just any Tom, Dick, Harry or bestie to the co-owner has been roped into work for Glitoris. (Although we are quite close.) We carefully select the highest calibre hunnies, makeup artists, face painters, hairdressers and creatives in their own right. We offer training. Meet the Glit Gang.
  • Sustainability + environmentally friendly full time: We don’t believe in protecting the planet part time. We don’t use biodegradable and conscious cosmetics half the time and whip out the plastic sh*t the other half the time. For us sustainability practices are engrained. A full time and ongoing job. 
  • Values based: Speaking of which we are values based biz. Things like love people, love ya self, challenge everything, redefine beauty and go beyond marketing guide us in everything we do.
  • We understand what is cool and what definitely NOT cool. #ForExampleTheWordCool. But like we ain’t gonna give you or you guests some lame, half arsed makeover that looks sh*t. Glitter can look crap. We pride ourselves on each and every makeover being something we would want to wear. And something pretty unique. *Cough* “cool.”

Chat with a real person.

Create valuable, REAL and memorable experiences with Glitoris. So let’s co-create something awesome?

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