Glitter Makeup at Nightclub

You know how to throw a kick-arse party 🥳 🎉. You do it every weekend 📅. This time you want to do something a little different. How do you build on your killer line up of delicious drinks 🥂 and tasty tunes 🎶? Celebrate your patrons? Reach new party people? Turn another night out on the town into a truly special event 🙌? With a glitter and beauty bar from Glitoris. Duh. 🙄

Glitter ✨ + beauty 💅 services designed to match your venue's vibe.

The line’s out the door. The beats are thumping 🥁. The energy is pulsating. People seem to be spewing out from every nook and cranny of your venue. Cocktails🍹 are being mixed at a million a minute. The place is buzzing. It's awesome. 

When selecting event partners you need to choose those that can keep the pace. You want hundreds of party people glittered? Not a problem. Challenge accepted 👌.

Need to slow it down? Deliver customised, intimate one-on-one experiences with your VIPs, esteemed guests and influencers? Not a problem. Glitoris can create ridiculously on trend lewks that will blow your patrons minds 🤯🤯.

Glitter bar, glam cart or body paint station ready to go in 1,2,3. 

We can BYO a full mobile beauty bar, decorations, furniture and glit kit to suit you and your venue's event OR we can simply rock up with our glit kit and use your venue's furniture. A beauty bar ready to go at the drop of the hat 🎩. 

With bookings starting at two hours with two experienced artists we have a range of packages to suit you and your venue's requirements and budget.

Every packaging includes our event kit packed to the brim with biodegradable glitter, conscious cosmetics, environmentally friendly paints, pigments, face/body gems and cosmetic adhesives. 

Going OTT with your venue’s themed nights. 🎧🎶💿🎹🎤

We are not going to lie. Our team of skilled artists❤️ a theme. Especially if there is the opportunity to dress up. To go OTT. It's pretty impossible to STOP them from dressing up. #SorryNOTSorry

We have delivered styling and costuming for hundreds of themes. Some of our favs over the years; 90’s / 2000’s nostalgia, Mardi Gras 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ (all year round), racey spacey 👾, ride it cowgirl 🤠, Coachella-boho festi ⛺, disco baby🕺 and the old faithful… triple denim👖👖👖. Do you have a vision for your themed night? We would LOVE to bring it to life.  

Friends Wearing Glitter at a Nightclub

The Glitoris difference.

  • 10,000+ hours of experience: Over the better part of a decade we have too many hours of experience making party people look AH-MAZING to count. We get it, you are looking for a partner with robust beauty, glitter, makeup and hair styling experience so you can sit back and relax. #Don’tMindIfWeDo
  • Talented, skilled and trained artists: Yep not just any Tom, Dick, Harry or bestie to the co-owner has been roped into work for Glitoris. (Although we are quite close.) We carefully select the highest calibre hunnies, makeup artists, face painters, hairdressers and creatives in their own right. We offer training. Meet the Glit Gang.
  • Sustainability + environmentally friendly full time: We don’t believe in protecting the planet part time. We don’t use biodegradable and conscious cosmetics half the time and whip out the plastic sh*t the other half the time. For us sustainability practices are engrained. A full time and ongoing job. 
  • Values based: Speaking of which we are values based biz. Things like love people, love ya self, challenge everything, redefine beauty and go beyond marketing guide us in everything we do.
  • We understand what is cool and what definitely NOT cool. #ForExampleTheWordCool. But like we ain’t gonna give you or you guests some lame, half arsed makeover that looks sh*t. Glitter can look crap. We pride ourselves on each and every makeover being something we would want to wear. And something pretty unique. *Cough* “cool.”

Book Glitoris. 

To get started let's chat about your venue capacity, event size and ideal crowd coverage (in sparkles of course). Leave it to us to design a custom package for your event. ;) 

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