Festival Glitter Makeup Looks

Glitoris grew up on the Australian festival circuit and so, like you, we live, breathe 🌬 and LOVE festivals. Thousands of bump ins (and outs) later we have delivered pop-up salons, brand activations, live art performances, interactive installations and workshops to party people all across Aus. 

Bring smiles 😄, sparkles✨ and a bit of good ol' interactive fun to your festival. 

“Glitoris” is simply not just a stall or a place to buy things. It is an experience. A haven. A place for adults to play 🤹. A place to chill💆. To connect 👐. To laugh 😹. To smile 😍. To create 🎨. 

In the experiences Glitoris designs everyone is included and everyone is celebrated. And isn’t that what it's all about? Coming together 👯‍♀️… And the darn good part-TAY🥳 🎉. Of course. ;) 

“Non-beauty-beauty-brand” for festivals + festi goers. 

Glitoris offers festival “beauty” (whatever that means), hairstyling, makeup and biodegradable glitter services to festival goers. It has taken us the better part of a decade to hone our offering - a mobile festival salon with hot🔥 lewks.

We live by the motto of ‘more is more’ and believe that everybody has the right to feel fabulous 💅🏾. Glitoris won’t stop until your festival is a sea of sparkles, colour and oh-so-beautiful party people 🙃.

Festival Body Glitter Men

Community, crowd management + Covid safe practices 📋.

We will admit there is a fine art to getting a mobile festival salon just right. To manage the masses, quickly, in both Covid-19 safe and friendly manner.🙏🏻 But to also create a community. 

In our Glit Gang we have dedicated supervisors, welcomers/crowd control peeps, concierge cashiers and artists who make the whole experience just flow. (That and our demand-for-makeovers heat map model. We love a good plan.)

Eco-friendly beauty that align with your festival's sustainability values 👍🏽👍👍🏿👍🏻.  

You are trying your darn hardest to build a event that is environmentally friendly ♻️🐨🌊🌱. You are looking to source a partners that shares your sustainability values. Look no further. We don’t believe in protecting the planet part time. We don’t use biodegradable and conscious cosmetics half the time and whip out the plastic sh*t the other half the time. For us sustainability practices are engrained. A full time and ongoing job. 

Working with the best in the biz - music + art festival partners. 

There’s no denying that we have been to a festival or two. Over the better part of a decade we have worked with boutique beauties, leading names and the very best in this business.  Splendour in the Grass, The Falls Festivals, St Jerome’s Laneway Festivals, Spilt Milk, Mardi Gras, Rainbow Serpent, MONA FOMA, Adelaide Fringe Festival, FOMO, Grass is Greener, Party in the Paddock, Yours and Owls, Secret Garden Party, Mountain Sounds, Strawberry Fields Festival, Pitch, Beyond the Valley, The Hot Dub Wine Machines, The Drop, MTV Beats & Eats, Arcadia, Defqon1, Let them Eat Cake, This That, Creamfields, Pleasure Garden, Wonderland Scarehouse, Sets on the Beach, St Kilda Festival, Sydney Road Festival, and Port Fairy Folk Festival to name a few.

The only Australian glitter company with local artists🎯 that can follow you 🗺️ on your festival tour. 

Glitoris is part conscious cosmetic biz (*cough* #GlitterEmpire…) part event logistics company 🚘 . Have you seen the size of Australia? It’s bloody huge. This is not a joke. With over 120 artists across Australia, we have the capability to glitter party people from Hobart to Cairns with local artists. 

We provide our beauty and glitter services in all major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra, Adelaide, Cairns, Hobart, and Airlie Beach. We have four main location hubs based in Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast and Perth.

And we are the only Australian glitter company that can follow you around on your next Aussie tour 👻👻👻! #GlitterRoadiesSorted.

The Glitoris difference.

  • 10,000+ hours of experience: Over the better part of a decade we have too many hours of experience making party people look AH-MAZING to count. We get it, you are looking for a partner with robust beauty, glitter, makeup and hair styling experience so you can sit back and relax. #Don’tMindIfWeDo
  • Talented, skilled and trained artists: Yep not just any Tom, Dick, Harry or bestie to the co-owner has been roped into work for Glitoris. (Although we are quite close.) We carefully select the highest calibre hunnies, makeup artists, face painters, hairdressers and creatives in their own right. We offer training. Meet the Glit Gang.
  • Sustainability + environmentally friendly full time: We don’t believe in protecting the planet part time. We don’t use biodegradable and conscious cosmetics half the time and whip out the plastic sh*t the other half the time. For us sustainability practices are engrained. A full time and ongoing job. 
  • Values based: Speaking of which we are values based biz. Things like love people, love ya self, challenge everything, redefine beauty and go beyond marketing guide us in everything we do.
  • We understand what is cool and what definitely NOT cool. #ForExampleTheWordCool. But like we ain’t gonna give you or you guests some lame, half arsed makeover that looks sh*t. Glitter can look crap. We pride ourselves on each and every makeover being something we would want to wear. And something pretty unique. *Cough* “cool.”

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