We pride ourselves on the fact 85% of our freelance team have worked with Glitoris for 6+ years. 


  • Working for Glitoris is different from your work day-to-day, each event/festival is a unique experience. 
  • The chance to unleash creativity and create free bolder looks. 
  • Getting paid fairly for creative work.
  • The opportunities to connect with a gang of other creatives, make friends, networks and seek out other opportunities. 
  • Be at the forefront of what is hwat and whats not. Getting access to latest trends in makeup and fashion.
  • To be yourself in the workplace. 
  • Celebrate people. 
  • Ooooh and you get to dress up.
  • There is GLITTER.
  • Because it is super super SUPER fun... 


But WHY, should you believe what some marketing person has written??? Here is what our people actually say;

  • "Working for Glitoris is an actual dream come true. At festivals and events, I am always pinching myself over and over going... is this really work?" - Stacey K
  • "Top notch humans running a top-notch business. I'm proud to be associated with a brand that’s not only eco-conscious and socially progressive, but also full of fun loving, joyful people doing their bit and shining as hard as they can to make the world a little brighter." - Alice A
  • "Such a fun and welcoming group of people. I never thought I could enjoy work so much!" - Paige S
  • "The sense of community that Glitoris radiates is so amazing! There is forever friendships created with loads of love, care, compassion." - Cherice A
  • "One of my favourite past times. Is there anything better in life than being covered in glitter, listening to your favourite live music, surrounded by a bunch of fantastically unique individuals aaaaaall while making people feel their absolute best? I don’t think so! It’s hard to call it ‘work’." - Shanice O


  • Do you have a not-so-secret passion for fun festi fashion, ✨ glitter, 💅makeup and 💇🏽‍♀️ hurrrr styles?
  • Do you love nothing more than making people feel and look like a million bucks?
  • Do you love to braid, glitter and create fire HOT 🔥 looks?
  • Do you bounce outta bed and love high energy environments?
  • Do you have dress up ideas ready for every occasion possible? #UnderTheSea #90’sNostalgia #TripleDenim #RideItCowgal

Well then, you should probs werk with us.


This job suits people that have had some formal training/experience in makeup or hair and either a) run their own freelance business (you will need an ABN as a minimum) or b)  have availability on weekends and in the evenings. Many of our artists run their own makeup/beauty businesses, work in film/tv, theatre, face painting, drag or other creative pursuits.

It also suits people that are organised and reliable... In fact its the best fit for these types of people.

As a rule, we hire non-dickheads. We attempt to hunt out people that value working in inclusive environments that celebrate people and creativity.


Click apply below to express your interest. We get lots of enquiries about employment opportunities, so bear with us, we aim to reply to every expression of interest. :)