Glit Glit Bloom


🌸 Glit Glit Bloom🌸 is a celebration of the vibrant Aussie landscape, our nature, and the flora of Australia. It’s about plants ‘n sh*t. 🌱🌱🌱

Hun it's a pre-mixed cosmetic biodegradable glitter, inspired by the moment when the land comes to life, the 💥 explosion💥 of colour as everything in the bush bl-AUS-somes.

We took the past decade our go-to lewks, dide-or-die glitter favs, “the regs” and smashed them into a refillable jar. 

Ready for you to wear whenever you wanna feel AH-MAZING. 💅  Super quick and easy so you can focus on the best part... Covering yourself head-to-toe glitter to give off *main character* vibes.

Glit Glit Bloom is an ode to the natural beauty of the people, places, and plants. It's an ode to the place we call home. 

Let's #ShineOnStraya. ✨