Daggy Swaggy 👍

Daggy Swaggy 👍

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Daggy Swaggy 👍 ain't about looking smooth; well it is, kinda. It is so daggy its swaggy.  It is a curveball in the game. It shouldn't work but it does. Try it if you dare.

Designed for street kings and queens who dare to be different and ain't afraid to embrace the awkward coolness – they are ready to slap on Daggy Swaggy, turning uncool into cool. Eyes lined with a confidence that says, "Yeah, I might be daggy, but you can't touch this."

LOVE 💕 the four sets of eyeliners to slap on to suit your mood whenever you are ready. 

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Made from Plants
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Babes its instant face diamontes/rhinestones/gem looks in one easy-to-stick piece. Look we are not gonna lie... These rhinestones are EASY AF to apply. It is like 1, 2, 3 rhinestone looks. 

Born out of a burning need for super quick eyeliner and rhinestone applications these won't move or smudge or look sh*t. Glitorises Bling Thing range, features the best OTT looks in a flash. 

A quick one-minute quickie to apply (ready to peel off and stick on) these decals give your face that extra glow. #GivingYouLIFE

In more ways than on…. Dramatic, show-stopping, ornate, futuristic AF these intricate eye decals elevate any look. The self-sticking hypoallergenic adhesive backing keeps the piece secure and comfortable whenever you want to look spectacular. Exquisitely detailed designs that couldn’t be easier to apply. 💅🏽

You can use one shape on its own for a sophisticated look, cut, or combine them to create many distinctive statement styles. A must-have facet to any look for festivals, concerts, performances, nights out, dress up or literally any other time you wanna be EXTRA.

1. Clean your skin thoroughly and ensure it is dry and free from oils or moisture to ensure lasting decal adhesion. 
2. Use the clear backing to choose how you would like to place the decal on the face before removing it from the film. 
3. Grab handy tweezers to pick up an edge of the holo or strong point in the design and carefully lift it off. Fingers also work but the designs are super delicate. 
4. Pop it on lightly on the face and when you are happy with the placement stick down with fingers or edge of tweezers. You can us a Q-tip or the edge of the tweezers to get into nooks and crannies.
5. Voilà! You are instant glittery babe.
To reuse after wear, clean them with some disinfectant cleanser and place them back on the film. You can restick with your fav adhesive, liquid latex, eyelash glue or spirit gum when you next want to look FAB.
The paper and materials in this packaging are made from FSC-certified paper, the product is compostable and biodegradable the packaging is recyclable (or safe to pop in the compost). Made with non-toxic dyes and inks. 
Store in a dry, dark, cool environment out of direct sunlight and heat, Not recommended for use close or on eyes. In case of close contact with eyes, remove and rinse eyes thoroughly with water. If the problem persists seek medical attention. Do not eat. 

    We get that you wanna know when-oh-when will your Glitoris goodies arrive. View the deets on postage from our shipping partners on our shipping page.

    Why choose Glitoris?

    Made from plants.
    Cruelty free.
    Compostable + biodegradable.

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